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Torquay's Dinosaur World

Torquay’s Dinosaur World, on Torquay’s inner harbour side, is the only exhibition of its kind in the south west.  See amazing life-like dinosaurs, such as the terrifying T Rex, and the cute Triceratops, learn about their lives, discover fascinating fossils, enjoy our fun Dino Explorer quiz and even sit on a deadly dinosaur! Whether you are little dinosaur fans, or even big ones, there's something for everyone to get their teeth in to!


We've scoured the world to find the most detailed and interesting exhibits for you to see and learn about – and unlike most exhibitions you can touch and interact with many of our displays. Also, those explorers who are brave enough can even sit on some of these scary monsters.


Walk through our life size Dinosaur Trail and see if you are brave enough to grab a Triceratops by its horns or touch the giant hairy spiders? Will you dare to sit on the Deinosuchus or creep past the Parasaurolophus? They will take your breath away and show you just how big these amazing beasts were!


We have a host of scaled-down and full size models set in realistic scenes so you can see these amazing creatures in their natural habitats! And with bags of exciting information about each dinosaur you can really imagine what life was like when these monsters roamed the earth.


Imagine finding the fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from millions of years ago or uncovering a Triceratops Skull for the first time! Get up close and personal with these magnificent examples of history.


Have you ever wanted to be a Palaeontologist? Why not have a practice in one of our 16 excavation sites! Carefully brush through desert sand and discover a whole host of rare fossils, teeth and bones! What will you find?

Don't miss out on the exciting exhibition that brings dinosaurs and their worlds to life! 

Open every day from 11am, last entry 3pm and close when the last visitor leaves.

Entry only £6.95 per person

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Special Offers: 
It's all going on Dinosaur World - including our February Fossil Festival, cracking Dinosaur Easter Egg Hunt, Dinosaur birthday 1/2 term celebrations, Spooky Dinosaur Halloween Horrors, and Santa Claws Christmas Special.
3 Victoria Parade