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Camp Mawazo - Outdoor Pursuits Base Camp


Our activities cater for all abilities with specialist and adaptive equipment available. We offer a range of weekly disability sessions where guests can enjoy a range of activities, contact for more information. We also take private bookings, birthday parties, schools, scouts and anyone who would like an awesome experience at Hannahs! Contact Camp Mawazo now to book your adventure!


Learn firsthand basic survival techniques and beginner forest skills. We have created our very own accessible bushcraft area where a wide variety of skills can be experienced. In safe and controlled conditions, guests can have a go at fire lighting, outdoor cooking, shelter building, and knife & saw skills and wood collection. Optional extras include using our outdoor clay oven to cook yummy pizzas!

Laser Combat

Paintball without the pain! Hannahs have built two of our very own ‘war zones’ where you can experience adrenaline fuelled army adventure. Each player is equipped with a set of camouflaged overalls and a complete gun set that fires a safe laser beam to eliminate the opposition. Time to see who should have signed up to the army! Suitable for ages 8+ only.


Try your eye at this ancient sport by keeping a steady hand to hit the centre of the target! Our outdoor range provides the perfect setting to learn the basics, and then with coaching improve your aim to consistently hit the gold!

Mountain Biking

We have a wide variety of bikes and trikes here at Hannahs for riders of all abilities and confidence levels to use. Utilise our indoor sports hall, or our footpaths around site to learn new skills or improve on existing techniques.

Team Building Games

Have you got the skills to work out our puzzles in the quickest time possible! We provide a series of challenges and it is up to the team to work out how to get everyone through the spider’s web, walk together on giant skis down a course, untie the human knot or keep five juggling balls in the air at once! Our team building games will make you laugh out loud, think, work together and have incredible fun all at the same time!

Kite Flying

Revisit your inner child and test your skills against Mother Nature to fly a power kite! There are four different sized kites to suit people of all sizes and abilities from beginner to advanced, and wind strength. The kites are flown at one of the most picturesque locations on site, from the top of our hill with views over Dartmoor, Teignmouth, towards Torbay and Exeter.

Ultimate and Frisbee Golf

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced game which is a cross between American Football and Netball. Dig out those old Frisbee skills and learn some amazing new techniques which will have Frisbees flying in no time. Frisbee golf is exactly what it says! Imagine using different types of Frisbees rather than clubs and you get the idea! Both available at Hannahs for you to enjoy.


Here at Hannahs we have a fleet of scooters which require alternative techniques to propel the rider forward in fast paced, adrenaline fuelled action! Learn how to use these scooters in our indoor sports hall before attempting to go round our obstacle course in the quickest time possible!

Air Pistol and Rifle Shooting

Camp Mawazo have been working closely with British Shooting to bring air pistol and rifle shooting to Hannahs. Using our very own pistols learn basic techniques to shoot and hit the middle of the target! Our instructors are fully qualified and extremely knowledgeable which allows shooters of all abilities to take part.

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