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Visitors to Dartmoor

Lisa's picture

Dartmoor in September, well worth a visit


Who wouldn't want to capture the moment ?  This is the Siddiqui family having a great time on their journey
over Dartmoor. They had been staying in Exmouth, and were on their way to Plymouth... hopefully now they've
had a taste of the Moors in our National Park, they might stay here longer, next time they are over from Kuwait


I wonder did they see this pretty foal on their drive? He ventured away from his mother for a few 
moments giving me time to take this shot.  But the protective mare was paying attention to me ...


and she called him back and placed herself between him and me.  Quite right too. 
Please don't go too close to ponies on Dartmoor and NEVER EVER FEED THEM.

Why ? Because if they see people who come in cars as a source of food, the ponies will
walk towards traffic with the most dire consequences. DON'T DO IT - IT'S NOT KIND

If you want to cuddle adorable little ponies then this is the place to go.... it's the Miniature Pony Centre
near to Moretonhampstead, where you will find ponies, donkeys, tractor rides, pony rides, falconry
demonstrations, a good cafe and lots of children's activities throughout the Summer.
Don't forget to print off  a voucher from our Vouchers page for discounted admission
to the Miniature Pony Centre.


I wasn't too sure if this long horned cow was trying to check our her hairdo in the wing mirror of this car...

But no, she was being a vigilant mother too... (I do hope that the owners of this car call it Luxembourg !!)

I counted the animals in this shot and made it 60+ and that's only the ones I can see. No doubt there were
rabbits, hedghogs, lizards, toads and such too. Not to mention the skylarks calling out overhead. Wonderful !
Slightly ironic that the only vehicle in the shot is a Tesco home delivery van most likely delivering very local beef
to residents on the Moor. I'm pleased to say much of the beef grown on Dartmoor goes into the food chain.