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The latest B&B

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The latest bed and breakfast comes on board.


Back in harness and I nip off to Postbridge to say hello to the new people at Beechwood.


Encountering galloping sheep en-route!


I'm so glad that Lynette Lloyd rang me to ask if they can come on board.


They have owned the place for a year and a day, and have made great strides in bringing the building up to scratch. The falling down conservatory has been revamped with double glazing and heating for guests to enjoy their breakfasts in comfort, the bedrooms are slowly being 'made over' and much improved and Lynette and Adam have got a refreshingly positive attitude about welcoming visitors.
Evening meals with home cooking are on offer with 2 courses £17.50 and 3 courses £22 (but let Lynette have some notice please) they welcome families with all ages of children, are happy to take holidaymakers with a dog, and I was very pleased to hear that they actively find beds in other accommodation for people who turn up at the door when they are full.
Only recently I was sitting in a bar of a good class hotel and overheard the receptionist take a call for overnight accommodation. The conversation went ....
"No, sorry we're full tonight, can't take you"
"Thank you, goodbye" !!!!!
How crazy is this ? Why ever didn't she offer a couple of telephone numbers in the area for them to try ? 
What goes around comes around. When we had a bed and breakfast we always suggested alternatives, and if we were full at a busy time, say Friday night, one of us would ring around to see what else was on offer as soon as we were full. But sad to say we did know from guests who arrived, this service was not quite so much on offer with our neighbouring outlets, which used to really disappoint us.
In the current economic climate, it is vitally important to keep guests staying locally, so that the shops and tea rooms, adventure parks and historic houses all do well and the community stays buoyant. But as usual people are immensely selfish and not willing to put themselves out. "I'm ok why should I bother about anyone else ?"
What a sad attitude?
However, I detected none of this at the Beechwood household. 
Adam and Lynette are keen to work hard and strive for guests to have a good time.
The free range hens are happily pecking away in the paddock, maps are on offer, help yourself to a book to read whilst you are here, everything is spotless, afternoon cream teas are on offer and I just know that they will do well. Welcome aboard Beechwood.