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Thanks Goodness - A day off!

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Thursday saw us taking a "day off", well as soon as we had spent an hour or two in the office !

I am struggling to upload over 400 pictures of Chagford Show onto the show's website in a slideshow and it's slow going.
I do love the show and it would be impossible for me not to take pictures, but you know how it is, you take far more than you need and then almost all of them are worthy ... so which ones to jettison ?
But as we were running out of basic food provisions we arranged to have lunch with daughter Jennifer and indulge ourselves in a little Nancyness.
I now own a bus pass (yes me !! who can believe it, and me without at crease on my face ? - joke!) and had been threatening to use it, so after lunch Nancy Rob and I all hopped on a bus into the city and took a twirl around the shops.
Nancy and I travelled for free - deep joy ! and Rob paid £2.80 for his return ticket. He will be eligible for a bus pass too sometime in September, then I think there will be no stopping us. We will be off on the bus with Nancy to the seaside at any available opportunity. He's only 5 and a half weeks younger than me but the Goverment are phasing out bus passes soon and he is caught up in the adjustment time lapse.
The 'quick nip' into the supermarket on the way home relieved us of over £100 but at least now the fridge, freezer and cupboards are stocked again.
Whilst in the city we took ourselves into pleasant Fern's for afternoon tea and the dear grandchild was (of course) a paragon of virtue.
Back at Jennifer's Nancy was keen to show us her new bike. She's 2 and a half year's old now. It's all flown by in a matter of seconds, and being with her reminds me that we must take some more time off.
She is still so little that I want to pick her up all the time, and yet here she is propelling herself around the garden on a bike with very much the same 'I can do it' attitude that her Mother displayed at the same age.
Where has the last 30 years gone to ? Come to that how can I possibly be 60 ?
I was just a little bit sad that when I told the bus driver that this was my first sortie with the beloved bus pass, he didn't respond with "oh but you seem so young"
Bit like when Jennifer came home from school aged about 7. She sat in the back of the car and said, 'Mummy, when we get home can you tell me all you remember about how you lived in the Relief of Mafeking ?' To those of you not familiar with the Relief of Mafeking, it took place in May 1900, and when she asked me I was 34 not 94.
Mind you, I am getting partial to some rather large red Granny slippers that I own. And I have now reached the stage where if a visitor arrives, my first thought is no longer, Quick let me get out of these old fuddy duddy slippers before they see me. I now think, Who cares about what I wear on my feet? And come to that if it bothers them, then I wish they hadn't come anyway.
Listen to me ranting on ......
Sorry folks ....
Must be an old thing !!