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Prince Hall Hotel

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Prince Hall Hotel - I could do with a few days here




Prince Hall Hotel, almost central on the Moor. I went to take photos for the hotel yesterday. It's about 3 years since I last visited the place and I love what Fi and Chris Daly have done with the place. They haven't lost that English Country House feel. But they have updated some important bits and pieces. The beds are made up with good quality linens and the towels are thick and plump. Just what the customers want. 



I was busy taking pics of chef David cooking the most succulent fillets of lamb and I happened to glance into the pantry just behind me, and saw something that really lifted my heart. See below. 


Any English chef of integrity will use quality butter and here is the evidence packed into a giant box of fresh vegetables newly delivered. It always vexes me that Anchor butter travels all the way round the World to come here from New Zealand, and Lurpak is transported from Denmark, when we have the best butter in the world from our very own English cows. We need to support farmers more than ever before in this country. It is a sin that farmers cannot make a decent living from dairy herds, and if only the housewife thought about that each time she tipped New Zealand butter into her trolley our farming community would have a better chance of survival. Oh and by the way, while I think of it. Did you know that 'Silver Spoon' sugar is sugar beet made into sugar in the UK ? They grow acres ad acres of it in Norfolk. So please buy it instead of more well known brands if you want again to support British Farming. OK, I've had my moan now.... chunter over... cheers chaps...