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milk jiggers - my pet hate

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I hate jiggers and so should you


If you'd travelled down to the West Country for your holiday in the 1950's to stay at a Dartmoor bed and breakfast,
you would have expected something like this trayful of goodies to greet you. Big fat scones with lashings of home
made jam and clotted cream, butter aplenty and a huge pot of freshly made tea, brewed in a teapot. 
This particular spread is the welcome that you'll find waiting when you book in at Stewart's Hill near to Ivybridge

And here's a nice looking trayful of goodies at one of our Dartmoor Inns. Every accommodation provider
now offers a hospitality tray in the room as a matter of course, but what I object most strongly to, are those
nasty plastic containers of UHT ( Ultra Heat Treated ) milk. I ran a bed and breakfast myself for over 14
years and not once did I give these excuses for a jug of milk to my guests.  They simply are not necessary.
They take up masses of space in landfill and they are made of plastic. Have you ever smelt a plastics factory ???? 

In my present job running Dartmoor Accommodation, I get to see lots of teatrays, and some are more inviting
than others. When I was a landlady we always greeted visitors with home made cake or biscuits and later
in the evening we made sure that the tray in the room had either a jug of fresh milk, or in hot weather a well
chilled flask of milk straight out of the fridge. Regular visitors would take a flask up to bed with them with
plenty of milk for a night time drink and then enough for tea for coffee before breakfast. 

Wherever we stay we always ask for real milk, and so far, we haven't been refused.
Who in their right minds would want to ruin a cup of tea with UHT or homogenised rubbish ? 

I'm happy enough to accept Nescafe instant coffee in a sachet, but regulars to my blog will know that I frown
upon bottled water big time - what's wrong with what's in the tap ? I switched on to yet another programme
on telly last night where Gloria Hunniford carried out some research into bottled water in 'Rip off Britain'
In a blind taste test of tap water, bottled mineral water and a Supermarket own brand, half of the guinea
pigs chose tap water as giving the best taste.  Of course it does, plus it doesn't cost the earth to buy
AND your bottle won't have to be transported back to the council depot to be transported to a LANDFILL
site which is eating up vast areas of our green countryside. Think before you drink bottled water.

As a personal choice home made biscuits make the best impression on me, then if it has to be bought
biscuits I prefer to find biscuits at least made in the UK like these in one of our pubs and I seriously feel

the accommodation provider is letting the show down if I find tiny cinnamon soaked Belgian biscuits. 
Come on chaps, we have some great British biscuits if you can be bothered to look. 

If you provide price driven bickies on your hospitality tray, you deserve price driven customers. 
Home made biscuits take minutes to make, and will make a positive impression. Packet biscuits don't. 

teatray-1.jpg  teatray2.jpg
Each tray has standard white crockery and a variety of kettles... Travelling round the country I realise
how important the teatray is. Last week Rob and I were in a so called 'luxury B&B' in Melksham.

It was a long way off luxury and our room was missing any form of bedside table. The ensuite shower
room door was in the middle of our twin beds. The shower room had no window and very poor lighting.
The view out of our bedroom window was of a fellow guest's 4 x 4 plus a family chalet/caravan.
If I had more time I would have taken photos and made a giant fuss, but by the time we had attempted
to take a dip in the outside swimming pool, and given up because it was so absolutely freezing, all we
wanted to do was go out to a great pub we know, have a good meal, come back to bed and get off the next
morning after what was an abysmal breakfast.  Our neighbours 'private bathroom' was on one side of our 
bedroom and their bedroom was on the other, so we heard them going along the tiled corridor in the night.
Which makes a complete mockery of the enjoyEngland star rating
because they have awarded the place a 4 star rate. Sorry for ranting..... needed to get it off my chest.  Jill