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Greenhouse Success

Lisa's picture


Great success in the greenhouse with my tomatoes this year
I planted 7 Marmond plants from seed (Lidl) and they have come up with some massive fruit, almost you might think too heavy for the plant to hold on the bush.
Huge fruit, some in weird shapes, but all sweet as can be.
Click on the shot to see how utterly lush they look.
Along with my bumper crop of courgettes, I have been making ratatouille galore.
I have been giving the courgettes out to anyone who will have them, and been handing them in to the local pubs. My tip for growing them will is to plant them in black plastic, and give them the odd watering can full of water now and again. Lucky us we live on a farm plot and the farmer lets me have a wheelbarrow of rotted manure at this time of year, so I stir a trowelful into each waterbutful. As you can see they thrive on it.
Something else that thrives in the garden despite my picking off and squashing efforts is the cabbage white caterpillars and the odd snail. Look at this little blighter all curled up in the remains of his dinner.