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Drogo storm damage

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Storms on Dartmoor today

Monday 23rd December 2013

Gusts of up to 70mph greeted us this morning as storms hit the South West causing damage to Castle
Drogo at Drewsteignton near Chagford on Dartmoor.  Designed by Lutyens and the last castle to be built
in England, it stands high on our horizon above the River Teign ready to catch all weathers head on.
This was the sorry sight of the castle by lunchtime today as strong winds and heavy downpours took their toll. 

Our birdtable blowing over really surprised us, as it was anchored down by a chunk of granite the size
of a family breadbin (Rob reckons about 80lbs.) For that to blow over must have taken some force.

This was the castle only 4 nights ago, when I went out to catch a shot of the all round pink sunset.


I would strongly advise against walking over the Moor today. The ground is completely sodden, water
is running off hight ground and the short day will close in very quickly. Our daughter Elizabeth was due
to journey home from Norfolk today for Christmas, but she won't be setting out now until tomorrow
which looks a far more enjoyable day for being outdoors and on the move.
christmas-holly.jpgALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE FOR A PEACEFUL AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS  - Jill  hollysprig.jpg