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Dartmoor Folk Festival

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Dartmoor Folk Festival at South Zeal

 2012 was a great festival. See some of my photos

Meet a whole village full of colourful characters in one merrymaking weekend

dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7397.jpg  dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7390.jpg

With all ages having fun.

These young ladies are in the annual step dancing competition

and here's the presentation ceremony.... Well done girls !

  dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7382.jpg   dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7361.jpg

There's no need to be afeared of these men who black their faces....

dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7366.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7368.jpg

they just want to make you smile whilst you are enjoying their music and dance.

dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7335.jpg   dartmoor-folk-festival-2012-IMG_7336.jpg

2 more men determined to get all the adults smiling... (refugees from the Railway Inn I think)

Just look what happened when this duo started their act......

grown men and women seemingly can't help themselves...... 

Will the man at the back join in do you think ?

Of course he will ...!

There's plenty to see and join in with....

A craft tent for little girls to spend their pocket money on extra bells

Dancing and entertainment in the outdoor arena each afternoon

Someone who knows his stuff making it all make sense....

and a great deal to take in.  One of Dartmoor's best family events. Don't miss it. See you there - Jill

Archive:   2011 photos

dartmoor-folk-festival-sweeping.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-revellers.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-morris-man.jpg  dartmoor-folk-festival-puppet.jpg

Whatever the weather everyone has fun at the Dartmoor Folk Festival in South Zeal. Especially children.

dartmoor-folk-festival-painted-face.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-entertainer.jpgdartmoor-folk-festival-little-flamenco.jpg

dartmoor-folk-festival-obby-oss-dancing.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-boy-dancing.jpg

Last year we went on Sunday afternoon and it was showery, but no matter, the show continued inside
the big marquee and it didn't matter one jot.  The dancers danced, the children's entertainer had masses
of onlookers and the afternoon was a real success. We could still buy ice creams and still join in.  

Can you hear the bells jingling ? The lady drummer was most attractive.

Hang on a minute, I can see a square inch that isn't decorated !!!


dartmoor-folk-festival-blue-morris-hats.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-painted-boy.jpg
There seems to be a bit of a trend going on here I think.. 

dartmoor-folk-festival-painted-child.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-little-girls.jpg
Little girls never sit on their own for long. And dress code is optional.

dartmoor-folk-festival-little-chap-dancing.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-little-girl.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-friends.jpg
This little chap spent the whole afternoon dancing and waving his Daddy's handkerchieves.
I'm looking forward to seeing if he will be there again this year. And will he be so carefree? Hope so.



Cogs and Wheels are a local Ladies Morris team


dartmoor-folk-festival-dancers.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-girl-dancers.jpg
Steel tipped clogs beat out the rhythme clickety clack, and the skirts swirl to the music.

Who will win the broom dance this year ? Why don't you come along and find out?

Click here to visit the Folk Festival website

Archive photos

dartmoor-folk-festival-wagon.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-step-dance.jpg 


dartmoor-folk-festival-morris-dancing.jpg dartmoor-folk-festival-morris-dancer.jpg
All photos by Jill Pendleton

Accommodation in South Zeal

Visitors are welcome to camp in the village. See the Festival website