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Chagford Flea Market

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Chagford Flea Market - what's it all about ?



Bargains flank the doorway to Chagford's little flea market and opposite the entrance a plant stall 
where you can pick up a potted plant, a shrub for your flower border and in Spring a tray of bedding plants.


Step inside and you'll find a multitude of bargains on show every Friday from 10a.m. to 1,

chagford-flea-market-knitted-scarecrow.jpg chagford-flea-market-felt-jewellery.jpg chagford-flea-market-cheese.jpg
from knitted scarecrows, to colourful felt jewellery, local cheeses and quality baked bread on offer.

chagford-flea-market-books.jpg  chagford-flea-market-antiques.jpg  chagford-flea-market-button-stall.jpg

Beneath the stage and on it, at the far end are a couple of chaps selling antiques, where you can find brass
candlesticks, some glass paperweights, ornaments, oil paintings and old pretty crockery plates and such.


This is the local village hall in Chagford where all manner of events take place including as you can see from
the lines on the floor, a weekly badminton class. Locals vote here and it's where my lovely husband Rob has given
over 50 pints of blood to the transfusion service, though he wouldn't want me to mention it. (I managed to give 10
pints but my arm swells up each time and I'm such a slow bleeder they told me not to come unless requested !)

chagford-flea-market-new-baby.jpg chagford-flea-market-knitting-lady.jpg chagford-flea-market-coffee-bar.jpg
It's a place for folks to meet and have a natter. In through the door comes a yummy Mummy with her brand new
baby. Baby number 2, this time it's a girl. The lady on the knitted goods stall joins us all in a giant coo. Just inside
the doorway is a collection of tables and chairs for customers to take a snack. This smiley lady on the right
and I have something in common. When I was a bed and breakfast landlady with 2 children under the age of 10,
 I used to get up at 5 am in time to bake dozens of buns in my trusty aga and giant quiches to sell by the slice.
 I did this flea market job for about 3 years. As well as cooking an evening meal for up to 10 people!


One of the stalls is that of Strawberry Fayre a well known patchwork enterprise. Jenny who runs it is just not
fast enough to avoid my camera. One of the bargains on her table is bundles of 6 x fat quarter metres for £10.
 Patchwork fans will know all about fat quarters. And here too they will find thread and jelly rolls, glass headed
pins, curved safety pins, books on patchwork and useful sewing advice from endlessly patient Jenny. 

If you don't want to buy you will come away with lots of ideas for future projects for yourself.
Who could you make this button necklace for in time for Christmas ? Lots of gifts here.

I do know a little Elsie person who would look good in this. Isn't it cute?

 chagford-flea-market-jumble.jpg chagford-flea-market-more-books.jpg chagford-flea-market-dolls-house-furniture.jpg
One thing that really took my eye in amongst the tidy jumble of 'stuff' was this tiny tiny sewing kit made by
a Chagford girl (in her forties I think) she makes and sells doll's house accessories, and they are quite beautiful.
 I asked if I might take a photo of it sitting on her hand so that you can appreciate the work involved. 

chagford-flea-market-clothes.jpg  chagford-flea-market-knick-knacks.jpg  chagford-flea-market-tea-towels-for-sale.jpg
Sheila Hyson is the lady who set up this great flea market. It's been running successfully for 16 years that
I know of. She and her family raise a lot of money for leukemia and lymphoma research charities. website

All Flea Market dates are on my what's on diary. Including Sheila's Charity Christmas Fair in November.