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Car boot sale bargains

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Exeter Racecourse Car Boot Sale. 


It costs £1 to park the car if you are here as a punter, and punters are allowed in at 1p.m. Once parked you
can wander through hundreds of stalls selling every kind of item. Thousands of children's clothes, thousands
of children'stoys. Any amount of baby equipment from pushchairs and baby baths to zippy suits, kid's wellies,
school uniforms, jigsaws. I even saw some almost new children's lifejackets at ridiculously low prices.

exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7542.jpg exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7535.jpg
If you can't find the right poppet beads on one stall just walk along for a few yards and you'll
soon find another pile to rummage through. Perfect for panto costumes or fancy dress outings.

exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7543.jpg  exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7545.jpg
If it's not something for dressing up, how about a bargain for the handyman in your life ?
Anyone with a passion for building a Jack Duckworth in-house bar will find all he needs right here.

exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7546.jpg  exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7540.jpg
Goodness knows what you might find in the 10p box, but I saw plenty of people trying to find out.
And these shorts and trousers wouldn't break the bank would they ? 

exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7536.jpg  exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7539.jpg
If you really care about the planet, and you want to buy a cuddly toy for a toddler, then I urge you to come 
and find the right one here at the car boot sale. I had a close inspection of all these above, and they were
all in a beautifully clean, as new condition.  Just look at the pink rabbit in the jacket above, aint' he cute ? 

exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7533.jpg  exeter-racecourse-car-boot-sale-IMG_7537.jpg
Turns out little boys are good bargain hunters too. Here's the little lad with the dartboard for £8.
Or did his Mum beat the stall holder down a pound or two ? Most likely. 

Sadly car boot sales hadn't been thought of when I was a teenager in the '60's.
Or I would have been in my element searching for fashionable bargains.

I wonder what A. A. Milne would think if he were to come back and take a look at this Pooh Bear.
He certainly wouldn't know who the Tombliboos are now would he ? 

..and I suspect he might not be too enamoured with Peekaboo Pooh either !! (top right)
But there were some good books amongst the dross. It's worth having a good look. 


We bought a bagful of vegetables and fresh fruit on our way back to the car park. 
If you've never been to a car boot sale, I can recommend it.

Car Boot Sale at Exeter Racecourse, Haldon Hill, Exeter, every week up to the Sunday before
Christmas. Open to sellers at 11am and buyers at 1p.m.  All hard standing.
£1 for public parking. Sellers £6 for cars. Sat Nav EX6 7XS. Refreshments and toilets.
For any further information please ring Fran on 07861 672 936