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Autumn's visual treats

Lisa's picture

One short Dartmoor walk - one full camera


Shots taken on 23rd September 2013 at the end of one of the best of all Summers.

autumn-beetle.jpg  autumn-berries.jpg  autumn-falling-leaves.jpg 

spiders-web-with-dew-droplets.jpg  autumn-ferns.jpg  hawthorn-berries.jpg 

autumn-dandelion.jpg  horse-at-hedgerow.jpg  autumn-convolvulus.jpg 

autumn-foxglove.jpg  autumn-dandelion-seed-head.jpg  autumn-fungus.jpg 

tree-creeper-nest.jpg  autumn-thistle-head.jpg  bracken.jpg 

autumn-leaves.jpg  robins-pincushion-gall.jpg  horse-mushroom.jpg 

Don't leave us yet you Summer skies. Take not that blue with mare's tails crossed.

Give us not uplifting breezes. Heatwave days becoming lost.

 Gone daytime hours, but Nature is giving. I look behind me. What is this anew ?

A riot of colour is scattered before us. The hawthorn, the lichen, the berries, the dew.