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Plume of Feathers Lunch

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Birthday lunch at the Plume of Feathers, Princetown

Don't be put off by the dark frontage of the Plume of Feathers Inn at Princetown.
Drive round to the back and discover a sunny courtyard full of flowers and outdoor tables
and a car park that serves it's food customers, B&B, campsite and the 2 hostel/bunkhouse guests

menus-plume-of-feathers.jpg barman-plume-of-feathers.jpg
Rob's birthday, time to go out and celebrate. "How about a run over to Princetown to see what's on offer at the Plume
 of Feathers?" My advice to you ? Take a look at the Specials menu and the Pie Menu as soon as you possibly can.
Why ? Because food's cooked fresh in this kitchen and by only 12.30 the white sold out blobs on the blackboards
numbered 2. I saw a turkey and ham pie on a fellow diner's plate decided that would be my choice and 5 minutes 
later it too had a white sticker. At the end of our stay at around 2 o'clock 6 more were GONE!!  I'm not a bit surprised.

No this isn't a burnt piece of toast on the top plate. Rob chose the local grilled pork chop in creamy Dijon mustard
sauce (more sauce in the jug) with Colcannon mash and fresh vegetables. We had a half moon of veggies each.
Here's a better look at it. That is to say the next one that came out of the kitchen.
I did have a sample taste of Rob's and agreed with him that it was tender and tasty. 

But my choice of Turkey and Bacon pie gets my out and out flying colours award for being
the most fabulous pie I have EVER sampled on a Dartmoor menu.
The shortcrust pastry was light as air with an all important pinch of salt, good golden glaze and just look
at the rammed jammed filling.  Great chunks of tender turkey with just the right amount of smoked bacon.
I was so impressed, I asked if I might visit the kitchen .... 

daniel-plume-of-feathers.jpg  nathan-plume-of-feathers.jpg
Meet Hungarian born Daniel and local lad Nathan. Nathan it was who had cooked all of today's 3 pie
choices. There had also been Beef & Ale and Chicken & Mushroom.  Both boys tell me that pies
are hugely popular. I had heard the chap at the next table ask for a steak, and as he cleared
his plate I enquired as to his opinion of his meal.  "Couldn't have been better. It was excellent"

waitress-plume-of-feathers.jpg  pizza-plume-of-feathers.jpg
The staff are friendly and obliging. I ask Daniel if he can come and pose with a freshly baked pizza
and Harley the barman joins in the banter. Apparently the head Chef Gary is off work following a knee
operation, but you'd never know from the food that rolls out of the kitchen. I ask Daniel if he has tried
any Hungarian recipes out here at the Plume of Feathers? "Yes" he tells me "I made about 20 litres
of Goulash and it went in no time, but that is more food for the cooler weather isn't it?"
Yes, I agree, and make a mental note to book into the pub again when the nights start drawing in. 
Thanks for the lunch boys. Keep up the good work ....  Jill

My pie was £10.95, Rob's Pork Chop was £12.95, Todays' Special Oven Baked Pizzas
(Three choices) were Vegetable £9.95, Meat Feast £9.95, and Cheese + Tomato £6.95 
There were 4 Dessert Specials on offer but we were too full !!