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The Tradesmans Arms

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The Tradesman's Arms, a great pub on the Two Moors Way


This gem of a Dartmoor pub can be found in a sleepy little hamlet within 3 miles by road from Buckfast Abbey.
On the few occasions I've visited Scorriton, there has never been any traffic other than the car in which I arrive.
Such is the quiet nature of the place, I guarantee that in any day you will see more cows travelling through than
holidaymakers. Which is a great shame because this great hostelry should have a queue at the door each day.

You might well spot the local herd of milkers making their way to the milking parlour at the farm next door, which
is where the pub gets all it's clotted cream to make the puddings that bit more delicious than they already are.
About 20 yards from cooler to pub kitchen. Beat that for food miles ! Smile

My chief reason for today's visit was to take a look at the letting rooms on offer, so it seemed a good
chance to sample the current menu with our most foodie friends Linda and George the chef. 
It was a horrible dull day outside, and we almost chose to eat by the roaring fire in the bar, but
the conservatory area at the side of the pub overlooking the view was plenty warm enough .......

... and we were soon tucking into great starters, every bit as good as they look, Tempura
Battered King Prawns £5.95 and crab cakes also £5.95.

George chose the 10oz Gammon Steak, egg and chips, grilled tomato, peas and onion rings, for his mains,
which he polished off with gusto. Look how perfectly the fried egg is cooked. Not glassy and not overcooked. 
I'm always a little hesitant about inviting George to come out on a food review with us. On one of our first sorties,
he wasn't keen on something on the plate and nothing we could say would drag it out of him what his objection was.
They like us, appreciate proper food well cooked. When we are invited to their home for a meal he goes to 
endless trouble over absolutely everything, so knowing his high standards, it is a relief that the Tradesman's
Arm's very own man in the kitchen gets ticks in all the right boxes with added team points. (Well done Mark !)

Linda stayed with the fish theme for her mains and opted for a salmon lunchtime special which came with
a very generous dish of new potatoes. Not expensive at only £5.95.  She mentioned 3 times through
the meal that the fish was good - Yes Lin, I was counting  !  And yes it did look excellent.

Someone else who's meal came with a large helping of new potatoes and freshly cooked vegetables was Rob.
Regular readers of my food reviews will know that he can rarely resist the lure of a home made beef pie.
Yes I do make pies with pastry lids for him at home too. He's pretty easy to feed really being a child of the early
'50's. And this meat is locally sourced too. No fretting about the horse meat scandal that is just emerging.

I decide to push the boat out with a rump steak in the pub's "Credit Crunch Lunch"
Which offers 25% off all main meals, but with 100% of the meal. Doesn't this look tasty?
I don't often cook steak at home.  I like mine medium rare, which is just how it arrives at the table . 
All totally enjoyable. I did leave 5 chips as a token nod towards the diet. Everything arrives on hot
plate with a smile from Anne who serves at the bar.  Cheers chaps 10/10 

Take a look at the early evening blackboard choices. Anne assures me that the home cooked ham at the top
of the list is exactly the same plateful that George has just enjoyed at £8.21, right down to the onion rings
embellishments. So this is a good price reduction, provided you order before the cut off point of 7p.m.

... and here's a look at what goes on during the week. Keen prices and guest ale at £2.95 a pint ?
If you are walking the Two Moors Way, you can't possibly walk past the door without sampling some of
these delights.  I especially like the sound of the fish & chip night as I'm a sucker for fish in beer batter.

I must apologise to Anne and Mark here, because we were so lazily chatting and catching up with each
other's news at the end of our meal, we didn't realise that we were the only customers left at 2.30.
As soon as we did, the chaps settled the tab, which with drinks came to £55.18 and Mark and I made
our way upstairs for him to show me round the letting bedrooms.  I will be adding the accommodation
review any day soon, and adding a link for you to take a look.

Don't be put off by the fact that this pub is off the beaten track. There are tables outdoors in the Summer,
months where you can soak up a fine Devonshire view without the sound of traffic whizzing past.
Do try your luck at the quiz if you are there on a Thursday evening. Who cares if you don't win ? Nobody,
and you will be helping to raise much needed funds for Devon Air Ambulance which is well worth doing.

Tradesmans Arms B&B, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0JB Telephone: 01364 631206, Email