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The Globe Inn Chagford - great wedding buffet venue


Rob and I were the wedding photographers this weekend at the marriage of Jon and Kate. The ceremony took
place at Monks Withycombe and was followed by a reception with friends and family at The Globe Inn Chagford.

globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9607.jpg globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9617.jpg
The wedding party didn't linger too long for photos on the way in as it was getting on for teatime and Rowan,
one of the two ring bearers, seen here on the front of the step in the smart white suit had food on his mind.

The Globe has a super large dining room, two bars and a small beer garden at the rear.
There's plenty of space for guests to sit and chat despite excited youngsters bobbing around.


A central table is set with all manner of great finger food, with knives and forks on hand for hot new potatoes,
fresh chips and large quiches, which I later confirmed to be as good as they looked. Kids in particular love
stuff on cocktail sticks, and there is a feast here to go at. Sausages wrapped in bacon, mini pork pies,
cheese and pineapple, not to mention salmon vol-au-vants, sausage rolls, ham, pasta salad, the lot.

globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9656.jpg  globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9657.jpg
People come and go, revisiting the table to get plates loaded for a second time with plenty of food for all.  
There's a drink behind the bar for each guest, the bride and groom move around saying hello at each table.

This is my own selection, all as tasty as it looks, and although the onion bhaji looks a trifle overdone, it was
piping hot and tasted wonderful.  I enjoyed all of it. Well done Mary and Graham's team at The Globe

The oldies as they do at any family gathering, pass comment on how the little'uns are growing so fast.  
With energy to spare, the kids are sent off to play in the churchyard over the road, not too far, so that they can be 
kept an eye on. The pub staff continue to refresh any empty platters. Folks are happily chatting, perfectly relaxed. 

Rob and I nip upstairs to take a few shots of the party room before it gets invaded. The wedding cake
is in pride of place and Graham the landlord helps whisk a step ladder away as 2 guests string out a Good Luck
congratulations banner (top right) This spacious room is equipped with a mixture of settees and tables, a well
stocked bar, a big screen tv, should you need it, and a good sound system for the evening of music ahead. 

globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9653.jpg   globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9639.jpg
Everything is ready, the stage is set. We just need to nip out for one or two important shots....

What you can't see is just how high Kate threw her bouquet. It's just coming into shot on the right
of the pub sign and was rescued out of one of the windowboxes by a chap old enought to be her Uncle. 

Young guests don't take much convincing to line up when I tell them that as soon as the photo is taken
they can go upstairs for a piece of wedding cake

globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9735.jpg  globe-chagford-wedding-reception-9755.jpg

Just in case you didn't spot him in the first shot of the kids.... check out the guest at this end on Rob's shot!

Footnote : Wednesday 19th September 

Diana Marriot the bride's Mother rang to say that she has read the above, and would like me to add that
she "Can't speak highly enough of the service at the Globe. The reception was perfect, the staff were
so kind, nothing was too much trouble. The pub's rooms were taken by wedding guests over the weekend
and everyone was thrilled from start to the happy finish, which was a large family Sunday lunch in
the dining room" She went on to say "Please can I add to your page by saying a very big thank you
to Mary and Graham and the staff, for helping to make it a perfect wedding"