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White Hart

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A fresh look at White Hart Hotel at Moreton


You must have driven past this hotel in the centre of Moretonhampstead and wondered what it's like inside.

There's a proud boast above the newly painted doorway at the hotel, that this establishment dates back
 to the reign of King George l. He was the first Hanovarian King of England, who didn't speak English and he
sported 2 German mistresses.  Not that he ever brought them to good old Dartmoor as far as we know!

The hotel is just to the right of the church in this photo of Moreton. Ideally placed between
Exeter and Plymouth for visiting the Moors and enjoying our fabulous farming countryside.

The ground floor is warm and elegant with the smart dining room and smart reception lounge taking up
the front of the building. I especially like the good latte morning coffee that is served in here. As I chatted
to Karen Kitshoff, the General Manager, an older man was reading his copy of the Times and filling in time

whilst his wife had her hair done over the road at the local salon. It was clear that this is a regular occurence.
He knew the young pretty receptionist by name, she knew his name and they chatted along like two friends.

  white-hart-hotel-devon-glasses-and-wine.jpg white-hart-hotel-devon-canopy-bed.jpg
My main reason for calling into the hotel was to reacquaint myself with the bedrooms which I hadn't seen
for some 10 years or so. The building has been under heavy scaffolding for some of the early months this
year and I was itching to take a look. Karen made apologies for the fact that the bedrooms had not had
any startling makovers, but as I looked around, I thought they all looked good.  Each room is different.
This twin room is the first one we looked at. Every room in good shape. Clean and warm. I was assured
that the expensive mattresses are of the highest quality. They are. There is a cd player, a flat screen tv

and a well packed hospitality tray in each of the 20 bedrooms. Note to guests: Do ask for fresh milk if you
prefer it to these long life milk "jiggers" as they are known in the trade. Any hotel worth it's salt will
provide a jug of fresh milk for customers. LET ME KNOW IF THEY DON'T AND THEY WILL CERTAINLY
NOT FEATURE  ON MY WEBSITE.   Most of the bathrooms have a bath and all have either a shower
or shower over the bath with screens, and a range of sample toiletries.

Shaver plugs and good quality towels come as standard. This twin room is at the rear of the hotel. 
This is the room's en-suite bathroom. It has a shower over the bath. Shiny clean.
These two bedrooms above and below are at the front of the hotel, this one above, Karen tells me is favoured
by Miss Joanna Lumley ! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an accurate history of overnight guests from
the opening to the present day? Some of the sloping floors bear testament to the age of the building. 
As you can see I had to prop the room door open with the luggage stand in order to get this photo. 
The bottles on the desk are local water. Once again a spotlessly clean room.

And how nice it is these days to walk into any hotel bedroom and not be met by the smell 
of stale smoke. These rooms all smell good. Sometimes our Nanny State gets it right.
I asked Karen to show me a suggested honeymoon room and she showed me two.
This one, room 10 on the first floor is again at the rear of the hotel. Heaps of space to relax in.

This is the bathroom that you can just see through the door - photo above. Note the thick towels.

This large room is on the top floor and has a great view over rooftops up to green countryside.
Windows take up the whole of one wall. I would recommend either one to any Bride and Groom.

white-hart-hotel-devon-bed-throw.jpg    white-hart-hotel-devon-blackboard.jpg
Whether you stay the night or call in for refreshment, I am happy to recommend this hotel to you.
A week ago, just after I had taken these photos, I had an e-mail from one of the smaller bed and breakfast
providers in Moreton (Peter at The Longhouse) telling me that he and his wife Lorely very much like
the White Hart. They suggest it to their evening guests for meals and in his words, "the hotel has
a super restaurant and attentive, friendly staff". Well Peter, I have to agree with you.....

..the restaurant is classy. Rob and I will be in to sample the fare any day soon.

and as to friendly attentive staff .... I think I can confirm that too.

Well done the White Hart. You get high scores on your accommodation from me. Jill

Take a look at the White Hart website