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Tradesman's Arms

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"Stay at the Tradesman's Arms ? Yes please"


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Following on from my favourable food review of the Tradesman's Arms..... Here are some photos of
the letting rooms to whet your appetite. Mark kindly gave me a guided tour despite the fact that he was
up to his neck in decorating room 1, and I'm sure he must have been cursing me under his breath.
This room is a family room or double, or even a generous twin should you need it.

Take a look at the great en-suite shower room that comes with it. Lush !

These 2 well presented rooms on the second floor are perfect for folks who want their own sitting room to relax in.
You can see the shower room at the far end plus the bed settee here, if you want to take it as a family suite. 

This is the double bedroom that comes in the suite. If there are 2 couples thinking about booking this, then
you might like to know that there is a small landing between them at the top of the stairs on the approach.
The view from the roof window is of green pastures over the Combe Valley towards Holne. Great walking area.
All rooms have hospitality trays with the usual, plus bottled Dartmoor water. Not that I am a fan of this notion. Personally I loathe bottled water and see it as a total waste of money and a waste of transport cost.
We have the cleanest water in the world here in the UK. But at least in this case, it comes with a Dartmoor label,
so it hasn't travelled all the way down the country like the Highland Spring nonsense that I've spotted in some
local accommodation. And I do understand that Mark is trying to please his customer. 'Nuff said. Sorry Mark !

tradesmans-arms-bedroom-decorating2.jpg  tradesmans-arms-bedroom-decorating1.jpg 
I hope that Mark will forgive me for using these two smaller shots of what I think is bedroom 2. It was still
in the throes of decorating really, and had there been more time, I feel sure we would have sorted a more
perfectly pressed duvet cover for the bed before I took up the camera. As it was, I told Mark that I would take
the shots for my own reference, as customers often ask me "what it that bedroom like?" and it's a bit tricky
to remember them all without these photos.  Anyway, when I looked at the results back in the office,
I thought, "I think I should show them with an explanation, so here it is.  It's a double with shower room
en-suite. Just what you need if you decide to give yourself a small staycation over a long weekend.
Much better than queuing at an airport or hoping that the French Air trafficcontrol are not on strike again,
as they are on the day I'm typing this ! Fit in a Monday night for Steak night, a Wednesday for Curry
night, a Thursday for the fun quiz night or Friday for Large fresh fish and chips with mushy peas
or petits pois (for only £8.50)  Mind you the food is good on any night of the week.

On to room 1 which was really up to it's neck in paint and brushes, so I never got chance to take any shots in there 
but I know that courteous Mark will let me have a look in next time I'm passing. This is a great pub to stay
at if you fancy a visit to nearby Buckfast Abbey or the nearby South Devon Railway, and you want a quiet
situation well off the beaten track which serves .... oh did I mention it ? ..... rather good food.

Take a look at the Tradesman's Arms website