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Bedrooms at Princetown

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The Plume of Feathers at Princetown


When I was a child my Dad's idea of somewhere good for an overnight stay was ' A room at the pub' He was
 convinced that every town had lots of good hostelries and that each one had just the right rooms at the back
 awaiting our arrival. 
This committed notion led my Mum and I to climbing up to dubious attic bedrooms or box
rooms of varying sizes and a wide array of bathrooms with dysfunctional plumbing. Not at all like this one above.

Fortunately for us the backstreet tavern we stayed in at Scarborough was perched way up high above the town.
Why fortunate? Because there were no curtains at the picture window, so no-one could witness me squashed
into what the landlord had described as "the handy bed" - a tiny truckle bed that rolled out from below the 3/4
size iron bedstead for my parents. Thankfully even Dad was keen to drive off the next day after he and Mum had
 spent the whole night clinging to the sides of what Mum forever after referred to as the sagging cage.
These days of course it's all different, the mine hosts of the Licensed Victuallers world have woken up
to the demands of today's travelling tourist, and a good example of what's on offer can be found at
the Plume of Feathers Inn at Princetown where they have great doubles, twins and family rooms on offer.

bb-plume-princetown-IMG_7626.jpg  bb-plume-princetown-IMG_7628.jpg
The B&B accommodation is a short step away from the main pub that overlooks the main square below
what was once the Officer's mess. Prison Officers that is. Guests have a key to enter the house of bedrooms,
all spacious, clean and comfy, with en-suite bathrooms, flat screen tv's, central heating and off road parking.

This is a double room on the first floor. Nice and light with an original fireplace and it's own

up to the minute, generous and bright bath/ shower room

bb-plume-princetown-IMG_7642.jpg   bb-plume-princetown-IMG_7637.jpg
It's all kitted out and ready to go

This ground floor room is perfect for wheelchair guests, it too has a nice large modern bathroom (below)

bb-plume-princetown-IMG_7643.jpg   bb-plume-princetown-IMG_7640.jpg
This dresser with leaflets and local information sits in the main lobby. Tea tray are in each room.


Take a look at one of the 2 rooms that will accept a dog. Both are spotlessly clean with ground floor access. 

For those of you who might not know this, there is a large campsite at the rear of the pub, and good bunkhouse
facilities, because this place has fed and watered many thousands of walkers, bikers, map readers, families
and pleasure seekers over the years. Many people have fallen over the doorstep in need of restorative care.
These days it offers a wide choice of food, drink and accommodation for all budgets and is an asset to the town.
See my review of the bunkhouse accommodation with pics of the menu and the interior of the pub.