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Superfast Broadband - Important to holidaymakers

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These days, guests expect to have easy and fast internet access throughout their stay, in fact one in three British tourists now regard wifi access as a holiday essential.  Recently here at Dartmoor Accommodation HQ we had the need to upload some very big files and our internet was just not up to the job.  We went on the search to find the fastest wi-fi in Tavistock and The Bedford Hotel got us out of a pickle and serve great coffee too.

When traveling away from home on holiday, being able to keep in touch with family, friends and work is very important to guests; if a guest is away on business then it is even more crucial that they are able to contact their colleagues and access their work online. Internet access is now widely considered a ‘basic need’.

You probably know from your own experience how frustrating it can be to find yourself in an internet blackspot, unable to download a file, search online for a phone number, or just check your favorite social media. For guests who may find it difficult to get online with 3G or 4G especially around Dartmoor, being able to access the internet through a wireless network at your hotel is even more important.

If you advertise that you have a guest Wi-Fi service, you need to make sure that it is reliable and sufficiently fast to cope with multiple users. A guest who is delighted at first to book a room that has a wireless network available will soon become angry and frustrated if that service proves to be intermittent or agonisingly slow.

Well never fear you won't experience that at The Bedford Hotel in Tavistock, they provide free wi-fi access and it is the fastest in Tavistock