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Monday morning

Saturday saw me heading off in the rain to go and take pictures at the Dartmoor Tearooms, where the young staff of 4 pretty waitresses were getting a talk from a chap from 'All about Tea' into the whys and wherefores of the t…

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Day Three of Blogging

Day three of blogging and already missed an entry............. Yesterday was spent at the computer trying hard to complete work on changing my websites from Front Page to Dreamweaver. (apologies to non webwise people here.)

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My First Blog

....Elizabeth, daughter number 2 keeps nagging me to start blogging..... as if anyone wants to hear the ramblings of an almost 60 year old as she pontificates strongly about this that and the other, with a strong slant toward…

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Cafe No. 14

In May we called in rather late on at lunchtime to the cafe called No. 14 in the main street in Ashburton. I must admit it was getting on for 2, so not surprisingly some of the items on the lunchtime menu had run out. Great i…

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Dartmoor Tearooms

Foodies know this; the Dartmoor Tearooms at Moretonhampstead is one of the best tearooms on the Moor. And that George in the kitchen is an excellent chef. He shakes his head when I refer to him thus, saying that he is just a …

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Gidleigh Park Hotel

February 23rd saw us treating ourselves with pals George and Linda to the Winter Lunch Offer at Gidleigh Park Hotel. If you are a serious foodie, and you are taking a holiday in Devon, you absolutely must visit this utterly f…

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The Dartmoor Tearooms

I've known about the Dartmoor Tearooms in Moreton since earlier this year when they phoned and asked me to come and take some photos for them. I later made them a website, and over the months of popping in now and again to ke…


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