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The Victoria Inn

Just before Christmas I asked Jane our office wonderwoman/secretary/PA/coffee maker bird if she and her partner accountant, reserved firefighter Pete would like to join us to sample the Curry Night at the Victoria Inn in Ashb…

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The Cleave Inn

How very glad I am that James Smith the manager at the Cleave asked me to re-review the food since the arrival of new head chef Mark Lloyd. How glad we decided to give the pub another trial, and most of all how thrilled they …

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One tearoom that might be easily overlooked because it is up a hidden alley is Donella's in Tavistock . We nipped in one afternoon in September just as the need for a cup of tea overwhelmed us. They were happy to supply a pot…

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Brown's Hotel

When Brown's in Tavistock had it's first contemporary makeover, I knew the then manager, Martin Ball and he knew all the tricks for turning what had once been a bland traveller's hotel into a chic, utterly comfortable up to t…

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The Tradesman's Arms

Three different people had recommended The Tradesman's Arms at Scorriton before we got chance to nip down and try it out with the new mine hosts installed. We did know it of old and I had written a food review for the Dartmoo…

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Castle Drogo

Castle Drogo's reception has been undergoing a makeover for most of the Winter - and beyond. Our pals June and Kenneth run the Mythic Garden about a mile from the Castle, were as interested as we were to go and take a look at…

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The Abbey Inn

One thing that no-one can dispute is that The Abbey Inn at Buckfastleigh has the most perfect riverside setting of any pub on Dartmoor. Sitting on the terrace in the early afternoon, the sun disappears around to the front o…

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Big Brother

What a perfect display of Marcus's true self. Having complained about not being able to sleep because of the raucous noise in the early hours, poor Dimwit walks out of the room huddled in a blanket..........

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The Ring O' Bells

Way back in March we called in one Saturday morning to have our lunch at The Ring o' Bells in Chagford. It was our day off so I didn't assiduously note down prices of what we had, but I did take a few pictures as we relaxed…

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The Tavistock Inn

Elizabeth daughter number 2, home for a few days, so we took her off over the Moor to check out the Tavistock Inn at Poundsgate. Our flower chap Dave from Crediton had mentioned it at least 3 times as the place to visit, so I…


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