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Greenhouse Success

Great success in the greenhouse with my tomatoes this year I planted 7 Marmond plants from seed (Lidl) and they have come up with some massive fruit, almost you might think too heavy for the plant to hold on the bush.

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Cornwood Inn

This is the heart of the village at Cornwood. Nip into the pub car park and you will know by the writing on the garage door that riders and horses are welcome to visit and that horses are invited to eat for free. It's the Co…

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The Church House Inn

I have to apologise for the very late submission for this food review. We went to the Church House Inn 3 months ago, but as you read in my introduction, I have lost my part time secretary bird Jane to some boss fellow i…

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Summer Sunday

How do you like my back wall ? I plant it up each year. The hole in the wall is our post box. Question: What is missing in this photo ?

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Goodbye Kenneth Ashburner

It's been a sad old week. Last week our dear friend Kenneth Ashburner died just when we thought he was recovering well from an operation. It's all too soon. Kenneth at 83 was as enthusiastic to learn and full of interest as …


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