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Analytics Figures

If you have a website and haven't applied for Google analytics then shame on you. It's a true record of how well your site is doing and it is free to use.

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Snow on Dartmoor!

Ok so it was very beautiful, but life is much easier now that it's gone, except for those poor souls in Northern Island. Dartmoor itself was pure picturebook. 

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Database in place

Two little jobs sorted in time for Christmas. One is a canvas print of some delightful children that I had photoed for one of my family albums a couple of months ago. This shot of the young brother and sister blew up so well …

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Nancy for 2 days

Here she is - the light of our lives. Little Miss Nancy Noodle. Here with Granny and Grandad for 2 nights so that her Mummy Jennifer, now 7 months pregnant with baby number 2 can have a breathing space.

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Sticklepath Fireshow

What a great shame that the weather was wet wet wet last night. We were part of a drippy crowd at the amazing Sticklepath Firework Show, which is one of the very best Dartmoor bonfire night shows that I know. Well marshalled…

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The Kestor Inn

We decide to go take a break from the office and go out for lunch ..... Everywhere looks grey on Dartmoor in the winter when the sun refuses to shine. At this time of year the vegetation has died right down on the Moor, and …

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Weddings on Dartmoor

At long last I have uploaded a weddings section on my Dartmoor website. Having been a wedding photographer for over 10 years, I know a bit about weddings and I think Devon and especially Dartmoor can be the most romantic and…

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Lobhill Farmhouse

I loved Lobhill Farmhouse the minute I arrived there. Despite my being ten minutes overdue, Jane Colwill made nothing of it and welcomed me into her charming home. Over coffee in her country kitchen we found we had a lot in c…


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