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Lisa's blog

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Royal Wedding

With the royal wedding less than 24 hours away it's hard to judge just how involved folks on Dartmoor feel. Usually I am the first to jump into the dressing up box when there is the merest excuse to put on a costume of any so…

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Yet another B&B!

A lady called Mary Lloyd-Williams got in touch and asked if she could come onto the Dartmoor Accommodation website. She told me that she had been doing bed and breakfast from her home on the south of the moor since 1983, jus…

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My latest website

I should be organising bills to send out really, but I much prefer to build websites with Tom. He being young and techy and far more competent on the computer that I will ever be, and me being quite good with the camera an…

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Prince Hall Hotel

Prince Hall Hotel, almost central on the Moor. I went to take photos for the hotel yesterday. It's about 3 years since I last visited the place and I love what Fi and Chris Daly have done with the place. They haven't lost tha…

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Google Analytics

If you have a website and you have not organised Google analytics to be gathered from it then shame on you...... It's Monday morning and there are a dozen other things that I would rather be doing than sitting here checking e…

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Success at last!

Take a look at the latest website that Tom and I have designed and built. Pics by me cleverness by Tom. It's for the Dartmoor Tearooms at Moretonhampstead They have been closed for major refurbishments for the whole of the …

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Ben and Elsie

Jennifer mentioned today that Elsie is now 5 weeks old... Where did that time go then ? Was it only 6 weeks ago that we wondered what she looked like ? Seems as if we've known her for a hundred years....

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Great Sandwiches

That's me and rob in Kings Lynn, and Elizabeth looking coy with the daffs. We are just back at the desk after a week touring the country. Off to see Elizabeth in Norfolk for a few days, and as usual we managed to fit another…

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A week of cute faces

It seems to have been a week of little people. I took this shot of such a dear little miss helping her Mummy out on a stall a the Moretonhampstead Food Festival last Saturday. What a sweetie. The weather was most grim. cold a…


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